Intrafrican Resources 

Intrafrican Resources Limited (IRL), a fully owned subsidiary of IEC, registered in Mauritius (previously named AAA Drilling Limited), has invested in Intra Minerals Limited (IML) which owns 95% of the Lúrio Gold Project in Mozambique.

The exploration project currently comprises a 168.56 km2 large prospecting license (8416L) in the historically underexplored Lúrio Belt. As part of recent exploration activities, an initial trenching and sampling program has been completed at Savane, a prospective area within the aforementioned prospecting license.

IRL has determined that exploration should be continued in light of results and is raising funds to enable a drilling program to be completed, targeting an area that can be brought into early production and generate cashflow.

Sampling at Lurio Trenching area

Lúrio Gold Project

An independent expert, Benedikt Steiner (CGeol EurGeol), has been retained to advise on the project and to compile a non-JORC technical report summarising and evaluating the exploration activities on the project from 2017 to 2019.  Mr Steiner’s initial observations confirmed the validity of the exploration project, which is considered as an encouraging first-mover opportunity into a much larger prospective area.

Lurio River at sunset from the Lurio Concession Area 

Jim Shedd, Graeme Robertson, David Scott, Geologist and Winston Thaler, Intra Minerals COO at Minas du Lurio campsite

Company owned Hanjin 40 diamond drilling rig for mineral and CBM development

Excavator owned by Intra Minerals Limited for trenching for Minas Du Lurio concession

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